Currently, despite the pandemic prevailing throughout the country, MESKO S.A. keeps production running. The Crisis Staff operating in the Company, out of concern for our employees introduced procedures and restrictions limiting the risk related to the occurrence and infection of the virus.


Due to the professionalism and commitment of the Company's employees, contracts and orders are carried out on an ongoing basis. Thanks to the attitude of the staff, the Management Board of MESKO S.A. could decide to share the jointly developed funds with the local community, which largely constitutes the core of our Company. Therefore, being aware of the problems and needs of the County Hospital in Skarżysko-Kamienna yesterday (April 6, 2020), the Management Board of MESKO S.A. in the presence of the Head of Skarżysko County, Artur Berus and the Director of the County Hospital in Skarżysko-Kamienna, Leszek Lepiarz, signed a check for the amount of 150,000 PLN as a donation to the hospital in Skarżysko.


The Management Board is aware that the amount donated will not meet all the needs, but at least to some extent it will improve the health care of Skarżysko residents in these difficult days.