On December 7, 2021 MESKO S.A. which is part of PGZ S.A. have produced 3000th GROM MANPADS.

The meeting organized on this occasion was attended by: President of the Management Board of MESKO S.A. Mrs. Elżbieta Śreniawska, Member of the Management Board for Development Mr. Przemysław Kowalczuk, Member of the Management Board Mr. Marcin Ożóg, Director of the Rocket Division Mr. Zbigniew Drabik and employees involved in the production of this product.


The meeting was also attended by Senator Jarosław Rusiecki, Chairman of the National Defense Committee, who got acquainted with the production of the GROM MANPADS.


The GROM MANPADS has been in service with the Polish army since 1995. It is designed for destroying visually observed air targets, including aircrafts, helicopters and other targets emitting infrared radiation, flying on the approaching and pursuit trajectories.